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Malo means Thank you in Tongan​


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2022.3.27 Sun 11am

Please see below how to join.

We will never forget the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the support that we received from the people of Tonga!

In last 10 years, Since the Japan tsunami and Earthquake disaster, Naomi has held many disaster relief charities through music, and all the donations collected have been donated.Because of Naomi believes in the power of music and decides to contribute to society, Naomi has always had a passion for charity work; although she was in very ill health around the time of the 2011 Japanese tsunami disaster, the talented songwriter overcame her condition and “resumed her activities with renewed vigour” after seeing what the Japanese people suffered. She went on to release a double A-side charity single, giving all the proceeds to the disaster area, and also wrote the song ‘Home’ with the disaster victims; giving those effected an opportunity to express their feelings to the world.

Naomi has organised charity gigs with the support of fellow musicians from Japan with a particular concern for the welfare of “the scores of orphans and disadvantaged children left behind by the disaster”. Naomi also became the first Japanese singer to perform at the Houses of Parliament  where she gave a rousing performance on 5th March 2015 at the Memorial Concert for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. The concert, which marked the 4th anniversary of the disaster, was a great success drawing attention from the Japanese press and media. 

Now is the time to give back to the people of Tonga through music and Japanese culture! 

                                                                   Producer Naomi Suzuki 

We hear many voices from people in the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake who want to return the support that Tonga provided with sincerity and courage in the world. This is the reason that we launched this project. 

The recent disaster in Tonga and the resulting volcanic ash continues to make Tongan people’s lives and education difficult. 
In this project, we will deliver a program with music and Japanese traditional culture such as Kimono, Shamisen, Taiko drums and Sakura – well known Japanese artists who have been working with Naomi Suzuki to support the disaster area. We will request donations from viewers and use the full amount received to support children in Tonga through the Embassy of Japan in Tonga. We hope this small act of appreciation for the support that the people of Tonga extended to us during the Great East Japan Earthquake will help them in their time of need.

It is important to reflect on the Great East Japan Earthquake again this year and not let the catastrophe fade away as a memory of the past. We would like to thank everybody who dedicates their precious time for joining us on the day.


In these difficult times of the Corona pandemic, we have all learned to appreciate the ordinary lives that we so often took for granted. I hope we can unite together to help the people of Tonga who are especially struggling at this time. 
Thank you for your cooperation.

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Please donate here:

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Bank Name: Barclays Bank
Account No: 63180697
Sort Cord :20-95-61

Please register here. We will send you the link to join the event.

If you donate more than £ 30, there are great gifts for you!


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